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Aug 2017 - BCKC presents donations to Butler County Canine Officers (PDF format)

Butler County Kennel Club, Inc. presents monetary donations to Butler County Canine Officers – August 1st, 2017 At the club’s August meeting held at ARMCO Park in Slippery Rock PA, club members met with two of the areas Canine Officers, Sergeant Callithen and Sergeant Villotti, and were introduced to Officer “Bullet”. His handler, Sergeant Callithen, provided a demonstration on search and location of illegal drugs and both officer Callithen and Villotti discussed with the club their canine’s mission in law enforcement and their primary use in illegal drug detection and search and rescue operations. Also discussed were training requirements for both the human as well as canine officer and the deep trust and unbroken bond that is created within each canine team. Following the demonstration and Canine Law Enforcement education, the club President, Sue Chapin presented the Butler County Canine Officers with this year’s donation.


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