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Are you interested in becoming a member of Butler County Kennel Club?

Feel free to attend one of our meetings (see Calendar of Events) and talk to our members!


If we manage to hold your interest, download the application form and By-Laws linked to this page and implement the following procedure pursuant to Article II of the By-Laws of the Butler County Kennel Club:

1. Download and read the BCKC By Laws.
2. Download and fill out the new BCKC membership application.
3. Submit the application to the Secretary along with the first year's dues at a regular meeting.
    a. See the Calendar of Events  to attend meetings.
    b. Dues are currently $10.00 for a single membership and $15.00 for a family membership.
4. Attend two more meetings of the club (see Calendar of Events) for future meetings.
5. Follow the Secretary's instructions for the balance of the process.






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